Light the City

Light the City

Light The City – BMX Shows with lighting

A striking backdrop with the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House in the distance, right up against the water – Sydney Rides Festival’s ‘Light The City’ was a great event for many reasons.

Our big ramp, Rampthony was lit up with green & white lights and the Rave Cave was awash with UV lighting which gave an incredible purple haze.

Each BMX was custom lit which gave them individual colour identity – so when the boys were tricking in the night sky you could still see exactly what was happening.


We’ve reached a level of team synergy now that means we’re not just showcasing a BMX demonstration – it’s a real performance.


For a few weeks we’ve been experimenting with different lighting setups on Rampthony (our portable ramp) and lighting the bikes in the best way. Happily – we absolutely nailed it that night! The BMX Night Show was a high point of Light The City and feedback from the crowd was excellent!

Massive thanks to City of Sydney for inviting us along again to be part of this great festival – we love it!

Jamie was aiming for his first double backflip but didnt quite get there this time round, while Brys pulled out his 360 backflip much to the joy of the audience! Special mention must go to Pudding (Zammit) who managed to eat a massive pork roll between each show and then rode the last show with a chicken drumstick in his mouth.

True story.

Safety first.

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