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Big Air School has grown into a youth engagement entity which we are all very proud of.


In the early days, we had had not much more than ugly grey shirts and a greasy pop up marquee but right from the start we were motivated to deliver the most enjoyable events we could! We’ve never tried to be a hardcore action sports outfit, instead our mission has been to introduce young people to action sports, recognise those that participate and to create an environment which fosters inclusiveness and a cheerful atmosphere.


That mission has provided continual motivation to grow Big Air School into an entity which can ensure that even the most marginalised communities can get involved. We’ve done this through building a massive event equipment arsenal including BMX bikes, balance bikes, scooters, dirt scooters, skateboards, helmets, full audio equipment, portable generator, festival theming, stunt ramps, workshop ramps and thousands of dollars of prizes & giveaways. The second way we have achieved this has been to ensure we travel widely to reach remote and disadvantaged communities around Australia, such as East Arnhem Land, Oodnadatta, Coober Pedy, The Flinders Ranges and Central Queensland.


We have a strong social conscience and have committed to pro bono event sessions including detention centres and charitable fund raisers. As a private organisation, we have funded this journey through commercial arrangements with LGAs, youth service providers, event organisations and private clients, with no government funding, grants or seed funding support. As such, we havent been able to support all requests for pro bono event appearances – but hopefully, as we grow and become more financially secure we can increase these events.


We sincerely appreciate every opportunity we’ve received to grow Big Air School and to introduce others to the action sports lifestyles which have shaped our lives.


We also love having the best job in the world!

If you can see an opportunity to be part of our story, please dont hesitate to give us a buzz – we’d be stoked to hear from you.

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