BMX Entertainment at the 2015 Spring Cycle

BMX Entertainment at the 2015 Spring Cycle

Pirrama Park… what a delightful site for a free community cycling event!

It’s the second time we’ve performed at the Spring Cycle and we were given a much bigger area which meant we could bring our big ramp, ‘Rampthony’.

Our sky high BMX entertainment shows looked amazing on the Sydney Harbour foreshore and we had hundreds of youngsters get involved with our ‘Learn to Ride’ lessons we held on the pop up skatepark. 

MVP (most valuable player) was awarded to newcomer Brys after he shocked us all in the last demo by performing a 360 backflip! None of us had any idea it was coming and it’s something he’d only learnt to do the night before.

Check out the clip below to see what we’re talking about. S

pecial mention must also go to Pudding (aka Zammit) who finally conquered his fear (and his beer belly) and landed his first backflip over Rampthony. Strangely, to celebrate he landed, took his shoe off and pegged it at Mimey who was on the microphone. 

Who throws a shoe?

There is a back story to that – but there’s a time and a place for that story.. maybe you should ask him?

After that event finished, it was a quick pack down and into more rehearsals and fittings for our final event for the 2015 Sydney Rides Festival – ‘Light the City’ where we’re incorporating light shows and LED’s into our BMX entertainment. Stay tuned, this will be massive… 


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