FMCG brands starting to embrace action sports

There is no doubt that action sports are starting to give traditional sports a real run for their money (punny! Ha!) with over 80% of young people aged between 13 and 17 picking up a bike, scooter or skateboard at least once in the last 7 days. Recently there’s been an interesting and (long awaited) revolution with several key Australian youth brands embracing action sports with their marketing.

In early 2012, I went on a sponsorship mission to get Big Air School (a scooter, skate, BMX and parkour youth program) sponsored by a FMCG. Unfortunately it was too early for many of these brands, and the perceived risk was too great with these emerging sports so they chose to stick with traditional sponsorship. In saying that, the energy drink sector has always embraced this sphere and has always supported action sports – however alignment with an energy drink was not right for Big Air School.  This was pretty disappointing because through my experience I know that running a festival for fully formed adults, with the inclusion of alcohol is much more dangerous than young people engaging in a scooter, skate, bmx or parkour activities.

It’s great to see now that brands are really starting to support these sports. I work very closely with the youth market and know that most of them crave recognition in their sports – whether it’s skateboarding, BMX or motocross and two brands that are currently doing a great job of allowing these people to showcase their skills are Bad Boy Industries and Nutri Grain Australia. Check out their links to see how they’re using facebook and instagram to provide great platforms for giving these young athletes some great exposure.