Skate & Scooter Workshops – Footprints Eco Festival

Sometimes you need a nice, chilled community event to recharge the batteries – and I’m not just talking about the local community – the same goes for us too!

The Footprints EcoFestival is a chilled sustainability event held in Sydney’s inner west suburb of Annandale, run by Leichhardt Municipal Council. Despite having a cool, intimate vibe there were over 3,000 people that came through the festival site.

We were set up in a strange little skatepark – which is pretty much two minis with two different sized boxes in the middle – so not exactly the expansive areas we’re used to working in. In anycase we had a really nice time teaching the locals how to improve their skate and scooter skills and giving them the confidence to tackle some of the tricks they’d been shying away from.

We had quite a few youngsters learn to drop in and one little dude landed his first tailwhip – and he was completely stoked! The parents enjoyed watching their kids confidence increase – especially as many of them had been visiting that skatepark for years and hadnt really progressed until they had a quick lesson with the boys in green.

We also had a new skater start with us, his name is Jarett and he’s currently running private skate lessons in Sydney – so if you’re after some one on one tuition – go hit him up at his website here.

See more photos of the event here –

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