How do action sports benefit the community?

Action sports (like scooter, skate, BMX & parkour) are now recognised as valuable tools Goulburn Skateboarding Comptition 2016which encourage youth engagement, physical health and social wellbeing.

If your community has issues of issues of youth obesity, anti-social behaviour or social exclusion then you should consider implementing action sports program.

What are the benefits of including scooter, skate and BMX in your programming?

  • These sports encourage self expression. This creates an atmosphere which is inclusive, anti-competitive and less rule bound than traditional sports and they provide opportunities for calculated risk taking.
  • They also have an unprecedented ability to engage young people who have been excluded from mainstream and traditional sports.  Strong social and emotional bonds develop between skaters and riders who are linked by a shared attitudes, values and ways of life.
  • Scooter, skateboarding or riding BMX provides an opportunity  for sporting participation and social engagement for both males and females across all socio-economic groups. This includes the most socially disadvantaged and those who have turned their back on traditional school-based and institutional sport practices.
  • In relation to active recreation and obesity, research suggests that participation in organised sport has some benefit for the prevention of obesity.  Interestingly,  the most profound effect broulee skate competitioncomes from the uptake of non traditional like scooter, skate, BMX and parkour with these participants spending up to 3 times as much time on the move as those in traditional sports.
  • Often branded extreme or risky sports, in actual fact the general attitude to risk in and around skate parks tends to be carefully calculated and managed rather than taken unnecessarily. Risk is a significant factor in human life and evaluating and awareness of risk is essential for the development of young people.

How can Big Air School help?

We specialise in  delivering active recreation events around Australia and we can help deliver one of the options below or we can also explore bespoke or customised programs for your community.

Our full service events include:

The provision of scooter, skate, BMX and parkour events delivered at a location of your choice. Goulburn BMX event 2016The format includes a demo by the pro riders and is followed by a clinic session and a competition for local riders. The events are supported by a live DJ and there are massive prizes and giveaways for every participant. We provide everything from spare helmets, bikes and scooters to full PA set up and portable power – all you need to do is give us the space and we do the rest. These events are best suited to flag ship youth events like Youth Week, Naidoc Week, Skate Park openings or community celebrations.

Other services:

– Management, MC services and prize provision for skatepark events. This is well suited to remote areas with limited budgets as we supply a few members of the crew, with prizes and dont have the associated expenses of freight and taking the whole team.

– Scooter, skate, BMX or parkour workshops and lessons or active recreation programs. These are BMX competition nsw 2016location specific – please contact us for more information.

– Event management workshops. These can be delivered in person or online and are suitable for all young people wanting to learn more about event management. All sessions are delivered in a dynamic, engaging manner using real life examples and anecdotes from youth events to keep the sessions interesting and relevant.

We will do our best to work out the best solution for your budget, and in the meantimes please check out our Youth Services Funding page to see what grants you can apply for. If you’re interested in harnessing the potential of action sports to benefit the young people in your community, please dont hesitate to get in touch so we can chat about the best option for you.


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